In case you need a pick me up

Last night as I hung around the patio with my neighbors we were discussing hilarious videos. Maybe you’ve all already seen this one, but until last night I had been in the dark about it. It’s probably one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. If only everyone had this outlook on life, the world would be so different. Take a look at this!

(here’s the link if it doesn’t work for you…)

Now share it with all your friends 🙂

This morning Lizzy and I took the pups to the dog park. We had a great time watching the dogs swim for a couple hours! We got there early in the morning (around 9) so by the time we packed up and got home it was still nice and early in the day.

Hunter had an awesome time splashing around with his girlfriend. Well — Annie chased the balls… and Hunter chased Annie. I’m pretty sure Hunter never actually retrieved a ball, he was way too distracted for that!

Okay -- well maybe he DID get one toy!

Mid Shake

"Where's my girlfriend?"

"There she is!"

"Um Annie.. why are you playing with him??"

"Annie -- he surely doesn't smell better than me.."

I always pretend to know what Hunter’s thinking. Don’t judge me.


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