Puppy Playtime

Hunterbud has a new girlfriend.

Her name is Annie. Apparently Annie is a cougar!! She’s a couple years older than the young buck that belongs to me. She’s a beautiful Chesapeake Retriever and her mom is one of my neighbors, Lizzy. Lizzy and I have bumped into each other off and on over the last few months but have recently become friends.

The day Alex left and I could barely pick myself up off the floor, she was outside when I took Hunter for a walk. Although we didn’t really know each other, she could tell something was wrong. I felt comfortable opening up to her and we’ve become fast friends. She always asks how I’m doing, offers to watch Hunter, and has even invited me over for a wine night!

This morning we ran into each other on our morning walks and quickly decided we were overdue for a play date. Tonight Hunter got his run on with his favorite lady friend! After 45 minutes of playtime the pups were pooped. Lizzie took Annie upstairs first. All of the sudden Hunter refused to move. He sat down in front of their apartment and started whining. It took me at least 10 minutes to drag him back home.

Talk about a love struck pup! Hopefully there will be more play dates this weekend!

Oh Momma, I'm in love!

"She's just so pretty!"

I can't wait to see her again!

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