Workplace Etiquette

There are some things that are okay to do when you’re in the privacy of your own home that are just not appropriate to do at work. I can think of an infinite number of things that would fit that statement.

Some thing that you may say at home — you just shouldn’t say in a professional environment. Maybe your job is more relaxed than mine, but here are some things that shouldn’t be said at work:

  • Cursing — just a tip: at work you should always be trying to look and act your best. You never know who is around that may be giving you that interview for the promotion you were looking for. Always put your best foot forward– and cursing is very unattractive in the workplace.
  • Drama — leave it at the door. It’s one thing to talk to your close friends on your lunch break about family, pet, friend, or work drama. It’s a completely different thing to be sitting at your desk bashing your coworkers. I’m sure you’re all smarter than that though — so don’t be offended that I had to write that!
  • Inappropriate topics — you know what they are! If you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandmother then don’t say it at work. For instance, everyone at work surely does not want to hear about anything that happens in your bedroom. Leave it at home. Period.

Other things you shouldn’t do at work. Some of these include:

  • Lacking hygiene— I know all of you shower on a regular basis — but we’ve all sat next to someone at work or at school that went out and partied hard the night before. Don’t go to work or school reeking of alcohol. It’s gross! At least take a quick shower and brush your teeth before dragging yourself out of the house!
  • Gas — it happens to all of us. Unfortunately it happens to some people more than others. Sadly, someone that sits close to me at work has a case of terrible gas. The worst part about it — it’s not just some days. It’s every day. If every time you drink milk, your stomach blows up — do not, and I repeat do not drink milk every day before work. You’re coworkers will be seriously unhappy and gossip will start. If you’re just having a bad day — go to the bathroom 🙂 That’s all I ask!
  • Smelly food — if you work in an tightly packed cubical area, try to avoid eating hard boiled eggs and tuna salad at your desk. See above for more details.

I’d love to know you’re horror stories about bad workplace etiquette!! PLEASE comment with some 🙂 My coworkers and I would love to know someone else has it worse than us!


6 thoughts on “Workplace Etiquette

  1. There’s this one person I work with that works out during lunch (ew gross) and another cubemate that only works half days and goes to Phillies games every other night. How inappropriate is that?

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