House on Ewing Drive

HI! I’m one of Michelle’s friends, Alex. I’ve known Michelle since eighth grade, and we’ve just hit it off since then. Many nights I’ve spent at her house, laughing and dancing. We’ve had our ups and downs, and I’ve been with her through the good, the bad and the ugly. She’s someone I care about a lot and I know we’ll be friends forever. I can’t wait to be in her wedding! I wanted to talk about my experiences here in West Virginia.

I’ve been coming up to the Ewing’s WV home for about seven years now; I’m very well acquainted with each nook and cranny, each closet, bedroom, bathroom and porch swing. Yes, even the closets contain memories–nothing too weird though. Anyway, this little white house on Ewing Drive has held many teen memories of mine and Michelle’s.

I get nostalgic when entering the house for the first time of each visit. Walking from room to room, checking in and making sure nothing’s changed, which it never really has. I breathe in deep the familiar smell and a rush of the past takes over me. I can remember  nights where Michelle and I starred at the stars for so long that our eyes adjusted and were able to see a trillion more twinkling lights. With no city lights obstructing, you’d be surprised how well one can see deep into the dark blue sky. And the days  are incredibly relaxing. The saying “Time moves slower” actually rings true here. There’s never a need to check the time on my phone. There’s always music playing, usually Tom Petty or Jonny Cash. It’s just a Ewing thing to blast the tunes, and I like it! Star gazing, along with other activities here are probably better left experienced rather than expressed through words.

I feel fortunate to have these memories and to be close with the Ewings and to have such a great and understanding, funny and inspiring friend like Michelle. I also feel fortunate to have know her dad, Mr. Dave Ewing. He was unlike anyone else. He was  a funny guy! I can remember his humor and the way he shouted out “God Damnit!” Well, on one particular visit we were all relaxing in the family room and porch when we hear a bellowing “GOD DAMN GOOFER!” Michelle and I jumped up to see what all the commotion was in the kitchen and saw Mr. Dave, all kinds of upset, rushing over to his handy shot gun he kept in the kitchen closet. Well he took that bad boy out, loaded it and told everyone to quite down. We all did of course, you usually do what you’re told when the one giving out the rules has a shot gun in hand. And sure enough, he got that little furry varmint and that was that. He just went right back to his activites, like it was no big deal, just another day in the life! Needless to say he left an impression. And his presence can be felt here in WV like he’s just in the next room over. He is greatly missed.

I am lucky. To know this family and have them as friends, and lucky to know the WV house. This place has shown me that it’s not where you vacation, sandy beach or not, but it’s who you choose to spend the time with, and I couldn’t think of a better group than the Ewings.


2 thoughts on “House on Ewing Drive

  1. You are so sweet. We have great memories of our times with you as well. You have a great sense of humor and have been like a second daughter to me. Looking forward to our next trip together.

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