Morning Glory

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you got ready in practically the speed of light and then you had tons of time before you head out the door for work?

After last night’s pity party I was woken up by my phone going off once again. By the time my sleepy brain started functioning I realized that it wasn’t my alarm — but my phone was actually ringing. I picked it up immediately and Alex was on the other end! I was so happy to talk to him! It’s definitely been a long week and after last night, I felt really needed him.

It was a really quick chat, but it definitely filled the void! I was able to tell him about my recent wedding dress purchase! He sounded just as excited as I was, which was really awesome! Of course he asked for me to send him pictures — which was ridiculous considering he won’t be seeing the dress till I walk down the aisle. What a silly question!

So Friday was definitely off to a great start! I’m super excited for this weekend! My mom, Jo Hutch, and Alex (girl Alex that is!) will all be heading to WV. I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend filled with trying out new recipes and laughs! We always have a great time hanging out — and I’m in dire need of a girls weekend!

Since I was in such a peppy mood this morning, I got ready in a flash and had tons of time before I needed to head out the door. I packed for the weekend, did dishes, took the pup on a walk, and even got lots of playing in! I had breakfast before I left and enjoyed a nice cup o’ joe. It was wonderful.

The best part of all — it’s FRIDAY! You know what that means???


(I’ve gotten some complaints that I don’t put enough pictures of myself up here. I’ll give you two guess to figure out who that came from. Anyways.. here’s a couple this morning in celebration of my favorite day of the week — Jeans Day!)

Yay Jeans!

I even straightened my hair

Hunter bud!

Play with me Momma!

What are your weekend plans?

Do you have any ideas of creative dishes/drinks we could make this weekend??


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