Another Step in the Right Direction!

Remember yesterday how I told you I was going to try on wedding dresses? Well, after work I met up with my mom, Donna, and Rachel (my maid of honor) for our first dress experience. I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I had a rough idea in my head of what I wanted my dress to look like, but I definitely wasn’t set on anything and was open to trying on dresses I wouldn’t have originally considered.

In all I probably tried on 10-13 dresses. They ranged in color, style, designers, fabric — basically everything! Every dress was beautiful and I could easily see anyone wanting them. There were some that were just not me. Some fabrics I wasn’t crazy about, some styles just weren’t my cup of tea. I’m also not into anything that looks like it was BeDazzled.

There was one dress that I kept coming back to. Every time I tried on a new dress I would compare it to that one. It was a perfect dress, but I didn’t want to settle on it too soon. When I came out wearing it everyone stopped. Tears were definitely shed while I had it on. Heather, the lady helping us out, put a veil on me while I was gazing at myself in the mirror. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach.

At the end of the night we were down to two dresses that were just gorgeous. I tried them on back to back. After I did that, there were no questions on which dress was the one. I was sold. I didn’t care how many other bridal stores there were in the tri-state area, I didn’t care how many other beautiful dresses there were — I knew what dress I wanted! I wasn’t going to go home and think about it for a day or a week.

So I bought it 🙂

I now have a wedding dress! I’m in love with it! I wish the wedding was tomorrow just so I could put it on and wear it for a whole day! I can’t wait for every one to see it 🙂 Of course I’m not going to post it on here, considering the mister happens to read religiously and he is not going to see it before the big day. I will tell you the designer though, just because the dress isn’t even on her website so you still won’t find it 🙂

It’s made by Maggie Sottero.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the bridal shop. They had to protect the designers and didn’t want a seamstress to be able to copy the dress by looking at a picture (or something silly like that!). It would have been fun to see all the different dresses I tried on though! Oh well…

We celebrated at Bonefish! We started the meal with Bang Bang Shrimp, we all split some crab cakes, and then finished off with a yummy brownie sundae (I mean hey — it was a big day in this girl’s life)! It’s not every day you try on and find your wedding dress!

Oh the choices!


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