Guess what I’m doing tonight??

Wedding dress shopping!

Hopefully I’ll have lots of fun pictures from the experience as well as dinner tonight! I’m really looking forward to getting the ball rolling and get some serious wedding planning out of the way! We found out who the caterer would be a few days ago, so now I’m just waiting till Alex gets home (hopefully!) to schedule some tastings. We’re pretty happy with the caterer so far! I’m also just about finished addressing the Save the Dates so those should be going out soon. We’ve picked out the colors as well! I’m really excited to start getting into all the details of the wedding!

I’m really hoping we don’t have to go to bridal store after bridal store after bridal store to find the right dress. One or two stores would work for me 🙂

If you’re married or engaged, did it take you a long time to find your dress?

Tonight’s dinner will be at Bonefish! It’s right down the road from the bridal store and I haven’t been there since my birthday celebration — so I’m thinking it’s time for a visit!

Can't wait for Bang Bang Shrimp!

We’ve been pretty busy at work lately so I haven’t had a ton of time for super cool posts — sorry! Hopefully after tonight I’ll have lots of fun ideas and pictures to post to keep you all entertained!

Counting down — 30 minutes till I get to leave and get to start trying on dresses! Wish me luck — and pray I don’t pass out and faint when I put my first one on!!


One thought on “Guess what I’m doing tonight??

  1. Michelle,

    Good luck wd shopping tonight…I know you will find something…but since you look good in everything it will be a tough decision!

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