Let me tell you a story

Last fall Alex and I were all about buying autumn (and then Christmas) decorations for our apartment. By the end of the buying extravaganza our apartment was completely decked out in faux-leaves and pinecones and crap. It was awesome. It smelled great and it looked even more spectacular.

At some point during our buying spree we bought a candle warmer. If you’ve never been in our apartment — let me get you up to speed. I have a slight candle obsession. Every room has candles in it (yes, including that bathrooms). I thoroughly enjoy different candle holder, scents, etc. I also have them lit all the time. In order to save money we figured to try out a candle warmer. Apparently the candles last so much longer than if they were burning, so obviously I needed it.

We used it a lot and we were pretty happy with it. It did make the house smell and it did make the candles last longer. So I guess one could say it was successful, I on the other hand have a different point of view.

Let me talk about the candle warmer in general then I’ll get to the one big event that clouds my view of the candle warmer.

First of all, it melts from the bottom up (sort of obvious), so it actually takes a long time for enough of the candle to melt before you can start smelling it. It also tends to bubble up when it’s almost all the way melted. At one point the bubble burst and wax ran down the side of the candle onto the counter. It was great. Wax even got into the mechanical parts of the warmer, so that was fun to clean out.

Let me tell you about why I really love the candle warmer though (this is a good one).

It was fall and I was still in school. I want you to get a clear picture of the day so you don’t have any questions on the events that unfolded. It was a rainy Saturday (an absolutely perfect nap day) and I was procrastinating studying for some exam. It was dark and cold outside and the candles were going, baby! Alex was still in his training program at this time so he happened to be working that day. I wasted most of the morning doing unrelated activities and finally decided to start buckling down around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

In our apartment we have this annoying ledge that is supposed to separate our dining area and our living area (notice how I did not call them rooms because in fact — they are one in the same). The only benefit the ledge has is that it is a perfect candle holder. It’s not a perfect candle warmer holder though!

I finally decided to get to work and I was reaching over the ledge to grab my school books when all of the sudden Hunter decided to walk right behind me. I stepped on his tail, he wailed, I tripped backwards, and my books knocked the completely melted candle and hot warmer everywhere.


Thankfully the candle fell right onto Hunter’s (brand new) dog bed. The contents of the orange candle gushed out before I could contain myself enough to pick it up. Orange wax had splashed up on our white walls and all over our white carpet. I immediately brought the dog bed outside on our porch and started scratching off the wax.

It took hours.

Literally hooooours.

All day really.

I called my mom (and may have cried) and she googled some good tips for getting wax out.

I ironed the dog bed. I rubbed ice on the wall. Once it was cold I hit it wit a spoon. Anything you could think of to get that dang wax off — I tried.

I finally called Alex.

He didn’t answer.

I left him a voicemail on the verge of tears saying, “please still love me when you get home.” I scrubbed for hours. I didn’t get any of my studying done (I wasn’t even able to open the book!). When Alex finally got home, most of the disaster was cleaned up. There was just a faint oil mark on the wall in a couple places. I thought he would be mad and say I was being careless.

He wasn’t. He laughed that this would be something I would cry over. He gave me a hug and then opened me a beer. Then he pulled out some magic stain remover and got the oil mark off the wall in about 5 seconds (and to think I worked on it all day!).

Now I laugh about it. Oh life.


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