In case you didn’t know…

Hunter loves the vaucum. By love I clearly mean hate, but hey — who’s keeping track. As soon as you open the closet door and start to wheel the “cleaner of death,” Hunter starts going nuts.

He first starts by grabbing the closest toy in his immediate area. He then begins squeaking it uncontrollably. Eventually he’ll start galloping towards the vacuum and then quickly run the opposite direction and hide behind the coffee table.

He pretends he is in constant fear the entire time the vacuum cleaner is even out (whether it’s actually turned on or not is irrelevant). The reason why I know he secretly loves the vaucum and is only trying to mislead me into believing he’s scared is all in his behavior. Not only does he follow you around the entire time, but if you stop paying attention to him and actually vacuum — he starts going nuts all over again. He loves when you push the vacuum towards him real quick and then pull it back towards you. That’s when you really get him worked up.

Let’s just say don’t attempt that trick at inappropriate times. Your neighbors will be surely unhappy if this occurs early on a Saturday morning for instance. Hunter already loves to hear his own bark — but this will really get him talking! Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.

What are you doing Momma?!?


Put the vacuum down!

Now you asked for it!

The next step is to kindly ask for the Hunterbud to “forgive” you (aka give him a treat for entertaining you for the last 20 minutes). Marshmellows are an acceptable form of payment.

Can I have it Momma??

But I've been so good

I don't care what you say, I'm eating it.

Victory. It's mine now!

Now let’s tackle giving the pup a bath while we wait for Mr. Furniture Man to get here.

Hope Hunterbud put a smile on your face 🙂

Happy 30th Birthday to my brother, JUSTIN!! See ya tonight at Mom’s for a yummy dinner and dessert!


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