Take a look at these!

Concert Review

Last night we had a fantastic time at the concert. Both OAR and Citizen Cope sounded great! I love seeing OAR locally since they’re from this area. All the band members’ families usually come out to the show as well. The energy in the pavilion is always so intense when they’re singing about how great being home is when everyone there knows they’re singing about being here.

It’s one of those concerts that I never want to end. I just want them to keep singing all night. Although I’m always bummed when they wrap up their encore, I know there will be another concert next summer — and I’m already excited for it!

I took some pictures and I’ll post them this evening. I took them with the same camera and not my mega camera so the pictures aren’t the best quality. I was a little slow moving this morning so I wasn’t able to get those pictures uploaded before I left for work. Thankfully for you all my weekend and night plans include a lot of relaxing (along with the 345780 things I have to get done) so I’ll make sure I have lots of blogging time. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll even catch you up on my remaining recipes 😉

Old Photos

Since I don’t have new pictures for today I decided to go ahead and recap some of my favorite pictures from the past months. I’ve been getting suggestions of making a photo tab so you could browse through my pictures. I definitely love the idea and am looking into making this possible. I would love to be able to just search through older pictures. Anyways — here’s some of my favorites!

Hunter licking his chops

Look familiar?

Check out this bad boy

My favorite boys

Going nuts in the sandbox

Twin Birthday Girls


Dinner at Bonefish

Are you coming home yet?

Alex's all time favorite picture

Getting their run on

I have soooo many more! This is way too much fun. Look for more favorites tonight — I gotta get back to work 😉


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