Holy Rain

Look at what I drove through this morning

That was fun!

This radar was taken about an hour after I got to work. Just play along and imagine that huge storm over the Baltimore area my entire drive. The only thing that kept me on the road was the tail lights in front of me, which is a little scary considering if they ran off the road — so would I! I made it nonetheless without any scratches.

Nightly Update

I finally went to the grocery store last night after work. I got tons of good food (thank you Trader Joe’s)! I also emptied the fridge when I got home to make room for all my new goodies 🙂 Apparently TJ’s doesn’t have very good cell phone service, which caused me to almost miss Alex’s phone call. Thankfully I got his voicemail and sent him a quick email. He just happened to be signed in at the time and called me back! What are the chances??

Check out my goods (all purchased for only $50!)


Whenever I get off the phone with Alex he always says, “give my boy a big hug for me!” Last night not only did I give him a big hug, but I also gave him a few TJ’s baked cheese chrunchies (aka a healthier version of Cheetos). I told Hunter that these were from his dad and he wanted to say thank you to his pops!

Thanks Dad!

Mmmm cheese, my favorite!

Silly pup 🙂

I’m glad I got my shopping out of the way before the weekend! My mom was thinking about going up to WV for the weekend. After debating it for days I decided I was going to have to pass this time. I have so much to get done and there is just not enough time during the week to even get started with these tasks.

Since Alex left I haven’t been at home for a whole weekend. I’ve spent the weekend at my mom’s a couple times, I’ve gone to WV, and of course there was last weekend with the wedding. I have so much to get done at home and I’m actually looking forward to checking things off my list. Some of my tasks include:

  • Giving the pup a bath
  • Addressing the rest of the Save the Dates
  • Clean!
  • Wash the bug
  • Spend time with Alex’s mom before she goes back home
  • Be home when the furniture guy comes to fix our bedroom furniture on Saturday
  • Study for work

Tonight’s Plans

Today I’m working an earlier shift at work so I can jet out of here a littler earlier than usual. I’m going to get home and take the pup for a quick walk before I meet up with my mom, Donna, and Jo Hutch. We’re going to the OAR and Citizen Cope concert tonight! I’ve been in love with OAR since high school and have seen them numerous times in concert! Although I’m not looking forward to getting up early for work tomorrow after the concert, I’m definitely excited for the show! They’re always so fun to see!


Look for fun pictures coming soon 🙂

Other News

Today would have been my dad’s 60th birthday. Although I think about him every day, it’s always tougher on days like this. He would have loved to be around to see everything that’s been happening lately. I know he would have loved Alex and I’m sad they never got to meet. My whole family is definitely thinking about him today and we miss him every day. My mom and I may even have to have a toast for him tonight. I love you Daddy and I miss you every day.

Dad hanging at the beach

Super Dave


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