It’s a Flop

I am in serious need of going to the grocery store. My fridge looks semi-full, but don’t be fooled. It’s mostly leftovers that really need to be thrown away. I’m lazy though and haven’t emptied them yet. I think I know why I haven’t — when I do finally bite the bullet and empty the 345 containers of old, smelly food –  my fridge will be so incredibly bear, it’ll probably make me openly weep.

Just do it, Michelle. Empty the containers — then you’ll be forced to go to the grocery store.

I talk to myself, don’t worry about it.

Why is it that grocery shopping with someone else is way better than going by yourself? Alex and I used to shop together every weekend. When I look back on it, it was something I looked forward to rather than dreaded. Maybe I’ll get a personal shopper (wouldn’t that be nice??).

Hunter Photos of the Day

"It's you again"

"What do you want?"

"Can I have my food now?"

He’s a good boy. He misses his daddy though. I’m definitely not as good as a playmate for him. Alex would chase him around the coffee table until Hunter would get upset and start whining. With me he hides under the table and then tries to lay on top of me when I’m sitting on the couch. Alex and I have totally different relationships with that boy.

Anywho — since I don’t have any food in my apartment, I needed to come up with something really creative for breakfast. I decided to make a Strawberry Banana Soft Serve. Basically I made the Banana Soft Serve I made a few months ago and added frozen strawberries. It took forever to make and to be honest — I didn’t like it at all. Awhile back I decided to buy a big jug ‘o protein powder in strawberry flavor. I hated it and ended up throwing it away after it fell off the fridge 25 times. It reminded me of that flavor. Hunter liked it though and that’s all that matters.

Try it though! I'm sure I just have a mental block about it

I ended up stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts and grabbing a bagel.

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