No Such Luck

I’m hoping that today will not be one of those days.

The night seemed to zoom by and before you know it, my alarm was blaring. I sat in bed and carefully calculated, “okay if I sleep for another 15 minutes and then take a quick shower… if I don’t do my hair… I should have enough time to leave on time.” So, that’s what I did.

Bad idea. Since I snoozed it, I was in the shower later than I normally am. By the time my hair was completely saturated with conditioner, my phone started ringing.

Oh no.

I rinsed my hair off as quickly as my little hands could move. I didn’t even dry off when I picked up my phone. I still had at least two solid more rings before my answering machine picked it up. As soon as I answered (it was Alex by the way), my phone showed the call was disconnected.

I immediately responded by yelling, “NOOOOOOOO” as I was still standing in the shower.

It echoed. Loudly. At 6:00 AM. My poor neighbors.

I continued to carry my phone around all morning as if I was a 5 year old girl with my favorite Barbie doll. No luck. No call back. Alex will be sweetly bombarded with numerous emails from me this morning kindly saying, “Why did you hang up!!?? CALL ME BACK NOW!” Something like that.

As I drove away from the apartment this morning, still clutching my phone, I realized I forgot my watch, earrings, and a necklace. Erg. If you wear a watch every day like I do, you know that forgetting it feels as though you forgot to put on underwear. It’s an awful, lonely feeling that passes through you all day.

THEN — a few minutes later I see a cop sitting on the side of the road with his radar gun out. Although I wasn’t speeding more that 7 or so mph over the limit, I still tapped my breaks. Even though I know by the time he read my speed I definitely wasn’t speeding, I still watched him through my rearview mirror. When he pulled out behind me and turned his lights on, I yelled out — “DANG IT!”  Then he pulled over the person in front of me and I immediately felt better.

Today will be a good day. Whether I forget everything humanly possible, I will overcome.

Here’s some pictures of the Hunterbud. He’s feeling sad he hasn’t gotten much blog action lately and has nicely asked, “Momma — please start putting more pictures of me up there. I’m cute and handsome and I strongly feel I will make people smile with my photos.” How can a girl deny that??

My new toy!

He's my bud

Or at least I think he is

Okay that's enough -- leave me alone now

I’m ready for fall. I know I’ve talked about that a couple times already, but it’s the truth. Yesterday I bought a new shirt, a long sleeve shirt 🙂 I wore it last night even though it was a gillion degrees outside. I’m slightly obsessed with it and I might have to get a few more colors. It’s the perfect jeans or yoga pants shirt! I know you can’t really see it — but what do you think!!??

Don't mind my face -- it was pretty late 🙂


6 thoughts on “No Such Luck

  1. Fall cannot come soon enough. I’ll probably change my mind once it comes though. P.S.-I think I’m going to need to buy myself one of those shirts too. It’s super cute.

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