Top Ten Reasons to Kick it at Megan’s Wedding

As a woman still without air conditioning, I made a mad dash back to my mom’s house to enjoy the fresh, cool artificial air circulation. I did not Pass Go, I did not collect 200 dollars. I went straight to my mom’s. I walked immediately inside to find the refrigerator in it’s normal location and yanked out a cold brew. I mean hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Normally I refrain from drinking during the week, but this week I’ve been in desperate need. An ice cold Michelob Ultra in a icy mug is exactly what the doc called for.

This Saturday my cousin Megan is getting married. If you remember within the last few months I’ve gone to her bachelorette party and her bridal shower. I’m so excited for her and cannot wait to share her special day :). I know there are many members of our family that have been working their tails off to make this wedding fantastic. I know it’ll be beautiful and a wonderful day we’ll all always remember. Congratulations to Megan and Jon early and I can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

If any of you watch David Letterman, you’ll know that he often lists the “top ten reasons…” for every category known to mankind. They’re all flippin’ hilarious, so of course I need to give it a go. Here’s mine for the weekend:

Top Ten Reasons to Kick it at Megan’s Wedding

10. I’ve been practicing my Chicken Dance skills all year long and I’m finally ready to show them off.

9.  I’m anxious to see my cousins wearing something besides sweat pants.

8. I’m all about getting a delicious dinner without having to cook it.

7. It’s as exciting as looking at your first bridal magazine, but in real life!

6. I’ve been taking Sudafed all week to prepare for my intimate floral intake.

5. Watching my uncles dance will be the perfect opportunity to use that Flip camera I got for graduation.

4. The air conditioning will definitely be working. Hallelujah.

3. My family is hardly big enough, we’re always looking for new additions.

2. It’s the perfect chance to snag wedding best practices.

1. I have all those sorority dresses that are in desperate need of a second wearing. Thank you Florida State.

Love you all and can’t wait for the celebration on Saturday!

Congrats to Megan and Jon!


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