Night in a Nutshell

See title for details.

My night in 20:

  1. Horrible traffic on the way home.
  2. Walk in the door to no air conditioning.
  3. Check thermostat: it reads 85 degrees.
  4. Save the puppy.
  5. Take said puppy outside to an even hotter climate.
  6. Feed dog.
  7. Attempt to feed myself.
  8. Realize all dinner options require the oven, which will in turn make the apartment even hotter.
  9. Make a quick dinner.
  10. Watch thermostat rise to 89 degrees.
  11. Fill the bath up with cold, cold water.
  12. Turn on Christmas music.
  13. Jump in and day dream about snow and below freezing weather.
  14. Get dressed.
  15. Attempt to walk to dog a second time.
  16. Give up.
  17. Drive to my mom’s house to escape to the air conditioning.
  18. Pour myself a glass of cold white wine.
  19. Complain to the 2 1/2 people that read my blog 🙂
  20. Take a deep breath and suck my wine down.

Hope your night is slightly better than mine!


4 thoughts on “Night in a Nutshell

  1. Why’s your a.c. not working? It sucks not having it. Next time I select a place to move to, that’s the first thing on my requirements list.

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