Banana Soft Serve

This is one of those recipes I wish I had tried earlier. I had repeatedly read about this creation but for some reason kept it locked away parietal lobe (or cerebellum — or where ever recipes are stored).

If I had tried this recipe when I was a kid it would have been an all-time favorite. When I told my mom about this recipe she responded by saying, “Well we didn’t have the internet when you were a kid.” Now that you all are aware of it, please make it. Now. For everyone you know.

Banana Soft Serve


  • 2 Frozen Bananas

(no I’m not kidding that’s the only ingredient)


  1. Take bananas from freezer and place in food processor. (I’m going to be completely honest — I do not have a food processor but still needed to make this recipe. I used a blender, which took (I imagine) quite a bit longer and was a little more of a hassle)
  2. Continue to blend until bananas are smooth and have the consistency of ice cream.

No, again I’m not kidding! This is it! It takes exactly like banana ice cream/soft serve. The banana flavor isn’t even overpowering! It’s the perfect summer treat 🙂

Even Alex, who pretty much only eats bananas for the nutrition rather than the taste, says he enjoyed it!

YUMMY! Ice cream!


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