“What am I supposed to do…”

(ask me to sing that song one day — you’ll be amazed by my beautiful singing abilities 🙂 )

Anywho —

Today’s better than yesterday.

Yesterday was better than the day before.

I’m thinking there’s a pattern there.

Which is nice.

Last night was my first night alone since the man left. I had a pretty solid day at work and felt I could handle a night by myself. I had to work overtime at work, so it was pretty late when I got home. The pup was anything but happy about that! He had some serious bathroom issues once I got home and I can only hope he feels better today. Just like it will take me time to adjust sans Alex, I’m sure the Hunterbud needs some time to get used to life without his Dad as well. Poor pup.

Weekend Plans

To be honest I was a little wary about my first weekend. What was I going to do all day? At least during the week I have work to occupy my days. By the time I get home, eat some dinner, and hang out with the pup it’s basically time to go to bed. But on the weekend — there would be no calls requesting a loan or password resets. There would be no emergency withdrawals or irate callers.

What would I do with all my time?

WELP – tonight the Pup and I will be heading over to my mom’s house. We’ll be hanging out mainly — maybe watch a movie, drink some wine, you know — our thing. The main purpose of our visit though is for tomorrow. We’ll be waking up early, early, early to get our butt’s (and dogs’ butts) to a local state park. Tomorrow is supposed to be well over 100 degrees and there is no way in heck we’re going hiking in that heat. We’re hopefully meeting up with one of my mom’s friends and her pup as well 🙂 Look for pictures soon!

We’re thinking the rest of Saturday may be a pool kind of day. That’s basically all our plans – nothing crazy. Maybe if I get some inspiration I’ll wash the buggie. Who knows though.. I know that would make Alex proud though 😉 so maybe I just might!

Friday Simple Pleasures

Although I missed last week — I haven’t forgotten about posting weekly simple pleasures. Here’s a couple for this week:

  • Getting in the car to your favorite song being on the radio
  • A ice cold water after being outside in the miserable heat
  • (This hasn’t happened YET — but..) When I receive my first phone call from the man 🙂
  • Coming home to a smiling and loving pup
  • Having friends and family that are willing to help you no matter what in times of need

Thanks for all your support.

We’ll be back to normal in a jiffy — don’t you worry you’re little hiney off 🙂



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