Taking Time Off

This weekend I took a break from blogging. I didn’t make any new posts and I didn’t read anybody else’s posts. I spent all of my time with Alex. He’ll be leaving in 8 days for just about 5 months. Over the next week I assume that all of my posts (if any) are done at work and my time at home is spent wisely. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of time to blog while he’s gone. I hope you all are understanding of me for the next few weeks as I begin to adjust to life sans man.

Weekend Recap


We had a jam packed weekend. Once I got off work on Friday I zoomed home to relax for a few minutes before we were out the door again. We went to a hole in the wall Crab Shack near Annapolis with a few of Alex’s friends from work. We had such a great time chatting and eating delicious seafood all night! It was sad that right when we finally met up with these guys Alex has to deploy and we won’t see them for awhile.

Saturday was a busy, busy, busy day! We started the morning off with driving to the base and doing an oil change on my little car. The oil change was done in no time at all, but it took forever to get a bay to open up to lift the little guy up. It was a rainy, gray morning and felt so much like fall! We stopped for lunch with our neighbors before we headed home to finish up our to-do list.

The next thing to accomplish was to actually get my name on the lease in case anything happened to the place/me/Alex while he’s away. It’s been impossible to get this done during the week since once I get home from work the leasing office is already closed. No problem though — just another thing we had to check off our list!

Next up: settle our guest list. My section of the guest list is something I could take care of while Alex is gone, but there is no way I feel comfortable guessing who he wants to invite from his family friends (most of whom live in CA and I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet). We got a list of addresses from Alex’s parents and started getting everything organized. I think as of last night we’re at 170(ish) people.

Late Saturday night we also had a play date for the doggie. He played for hours and hours with a giant Newfoundland (Noah) and a little black lab/greyhound/hound mix (Java). It was a nice break to relax for a couple hours before bed after we were crazy busy all day.

Sunday —

Sunday morning we were exhausted and slept in a bit. Apparently the pup was sleepy too because he didn’t even wake us up to go to the bathroom. It was heaven.

Once we had breakfast and got ready for the day, we headed to a state park in Annapolis to take some pictures for our Save the Dates. We finally got one we both really liked! After our picture taking madness, we hiked through the park and stopped by the dog park so Hunter could play. He was still exhausted from getting dominated on Saturday night by the 140 lb Newfoundland and decided he’d rather sit in the shade than play with the other pups.

...aaaand we had a sleepy pup

We hurried home and then picked up a friend from Alex’s work to take him to the airport. Our evening finished off with picking and designing our Save the Dates, ordering them, having dinner, and finally relaxing with watching Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale (which is hilarious!). Since we slept in — I didn’t have the best sleep last night simply because I had a much shorter day than I normally do.

Watch Me

As you can tell we had a busy weekend! I have a few recipes to post — but I don’t have my pictures at work, so look for those soon!

Thanks again for all you patience and understanding over the next few weeks 🙂

(I’ll post the Save the Dates later 🙂 I want them to be a surprise to all you readers you will be receiving them!)


3 thoughts on “Taking Time Off

  1. 5 months?! I haven’t been reading long, so where and why he is going to be gone for so long?

    Sleepy dogs are the best thing ever. Have you seen the calendar–pooped puppies?! So cute.

    • Alex is in the Army so he’ll be deploying until December. He’s not going to the middle of the action though — so thankfully he’ll be pretty safe!

      I love that calendar!! I’m thinking about getting one for my little cube so I can smile all day 🙂

  2. Beyond The Pale is one of my most favorite stand ups ever. I love the whole Hot Pocket bit and when he talks about birthday cake at the office, makes me laugh every single time!

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