Friday Simple Pleasures

On one of the radio morning shows in my area they always ask listeners to call in on Thursdays to talk about their simple pleasures. I always end up smiling through everyone’s calls just listening to the cute, small things that really makes peoples’ days. Some people call in and talk about the things their kids say before they head on the bus for school, things their spouse leave hidden for them to find, and other small things.

Here’s a list of my simple pleasures that I really enjoy throughout the day/week:

  • Walking in the door after a long day of work to a loving, smiling fiancé
  • Hunter saying good morning by giving kisses
  • When a caller at work tells me that I made their day
  • The feeling of accomplishment after a long work out
  • A hot shower and an air conditioned apartment and work place
  • Being able to sleep in on the weekends
  • Making a new dish that people rave about 🙂

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Hopefully each week I’ll remember to post a couple more and start the weekend with a smile 🙂

What plans do you have for the weekend??

My weekend will pretty much be consumed with things Alex and I need to finish before he leaves town. This weekend we hope to:

  • Settle our guest list
  • Take engagement photo
  • Create Save the Dates
  • Collect addresses
  • Figure out bill situations while Alex is away
  • Oil change
  • Figure out re-signing our lease while Alex is away
  • And more….

Tonight we’ll be off the spend the evening (and say a temporary goodbye) to one of Alex’s friends from work. We’re going to a local crab house — so I’m pretty excited about that!!


Happy Friday!!


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