Races and Fresh Food

To start off today’s blog —

I wanted to share these blogs I recently found!

The Edible Perspective

Skinny Runner

Darby’s (Fly Through Our Window) twin sister at Urban Grace

Read them. Enjoy them. Love them.

Last Night

After work I sped home and walked in the door just to turn around and leave again. Alex and I met up with some family friends at our normal Wednesday night half-priced wine hang out. We split an appetizer and sipped on a couple beverages as we chit-chatted (I had a glass of pinot grigio and Alex had beer). It was nice to cool off and socialize after yet another blazing hot day. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight with the record setting heat. I can only hope that you all are staying cool and drinking tons of water! Don’t forget to replenish you electrolytes too (yay for Gatorade)!

Here’s a picture I found in the Baltimore Sun

Source: Baltimore Sun

Other News

I’ve decided to make a big step forward and start eating mainly fresh, local ingredients. Normally I try to incorporate as much fresh produce as possible, but I have to admit that I eat a lot of processed foods. I keep thinking that I want to go to more Farmer’s Markets, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve decided I’m putting my foot down and I’m going! I googled local FMs and found a ton! If you live in Maryland too, here’s a great list.

Source: VisitMaryland.org

Fitness Update

After yesterday’s successful 5 mile run, I’m thinking about signing up for an upcoming race. I’ve never ran any type of race in the past and have no idea where to start. I’ve seen a ton of great websites with training plans — but how do I know what distance I should start at? I’m also more of an indoor runner — so I’m not sure how that would affect training for a race. Have you ever participated in a race or any kind? Where did you start? Do you have any advice?

Wedding Updates

Alex’s deployment date is rapidly approaching 😦 With that in mind, we have a ton of planning to do before he heads out the door. Over the next week or so, we will be settling the guest list, getting addresses, finalizing our wedding parties, and getting Save the Dates and announcements out! Woo — that’s quite the list isn’t it? It seems funny that we have to cram in so much planning so early in our engagement. But hey! I can’t guess who he wants at the wedding when he’s gone!

Source: Blueskycelebrantservices.com

Isn’t it nice that it’s already Thursday?

What are your weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Races and Fresh Food

  1. Michelle start out with a 5K perfect starter race! 10K is 6 miles though if you want to challenge yourself! Congrats on running 5 miles!

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