Wednesday Workout Wonders

Serious Progress

Yay for me!

This morning I did something I’ve never done before. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve never considered myself a runner. I’ve never liked running. I’ve never had a desire to run. Nadda. Recently though I’ve been constantly pushing myself to run more, and low and behold I’ve started to enjoy running.

When I first started running, I could barely finish a mile without thinking I was going to collapse. I’ve always gotten my cardio in other ways whether it be the elliptical, stair stepper, or bike. Slowly I started added a little more distance with each run. I would alternate with longer runs and interval trainings. With time I realized that I could run. After I accomplished a mile with ease, I moved to two miles, and then to (yep, you guessed it!) three miles. Last week if you remember I finally pushed myself and ran four miles.

I decided I wanted to add distance each week. Today I took that challenge! I was really tired running my normal three miles. After I finished 3, I walked for 60 seconds. During that minute I was having a mental battle… Thankfully my pro-fitness side won and I decided to continue running. After 4 miles I really got in the swing of things and kept pushing myself. For the first time in my whole life I ran 5 miles.

I know some people run that as their “short distance runs” and this is my longest run, but I’m going to be proud of myself nonetheless! At the end of the run I was so proud of myself! I had the reddest face I’d ever seen and I was completely drenched in sweat, but it was worth it.

Have you ever done anything that you felt so accomplished afterwards?

High Five!

Other news:

Yesterday on the way home from work I stopped to pick up a couple fruity drink ingredients to make a summer concoction. I think because it’s been so hot I was just really feelin’ something fruity and cold! Yesterday was the hottest day in Baltimore since the 1930s! How is that possible? Doesn’t it seem like only a couple months ago we had the most snow and worst weather in Maryland history. How is it that now we’re also having the hottest summer on record as well? That doesn’t seem fair does it? Any who — our drink looked like this – minus the beach and minus the actual fruit and flowers 🙂

De-lish Drink

It’s so hot that nursing homes are having to relocate! Read this article about how hot it’s been in DC.


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