Games and Goodness

Friday night we arrived in WV pretty early in the evening. Surprisingly, we only hit two spots of traffic and weren’t delayed too much on our 2 1/2 hour journey. After we got unpacked we fixed ourselves a drink and snooped around the house.

Every time we come up here Alex finds little treasures that were left behind from my grandfather from back in the 60s. This time around we found my grand parents wedding annoucement in a cut out newspaper, old recipes, a 48 star American flag, and antique pictures from the late 1800s. We chased the pup around the property and relaxed with some televison.

Running around inside

"Watch me catch it!"

My mom and Donna arrived Saturday morning. We made a quick breakfast before we hung around the patio and enjoyed the weather. It was a b-e-a-utiful day to catch a few rays! Of course we had to make our routine trip to WalMart and check out the local shoppers.

Such a pretty day

One of our neighbors on the up here recently got married and had a Pig Roast and wedding toast Saturday afternoon. We stopped by to give our congrats and enjoyed some fresh pig, chicken, and other delicious BBQ foods.

Later that evening we made red velvet cupcakes and busted out a new game. It’s  called The Game of Things and was hilarious. It took us some time to get the hang of it, but once we did — we played for hours! If only you could have heard us laughing, it was quite the site!

One person picks and reads a card aloud, one example of a card is “Things that you shouldn’t do at the office.” Every one writes an answer and gives it to the reader. The reader reads the responses out loud and the next person has to guess which response belongs to whom.

One of the cards was “things you want to do with chocolate” and all four of us wrote the same thing! It was super funny, but I’m guessing it was one of those “you had to be there things.”

Eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it what else!

Today has been a little more low key than yesterday. We started the Fourth with a nice long hike, followed by breakfast pizza! It was my first attempt making it — and I’m definitely making it again! (Recipe to come) We’ve been outside the majority of the morning working on odd projects and washing the muddy pups off.

Walk this way!

Cleaning Blondie

Man Project

And I’ll leave you with a sleepy pup 🙂

Cute little Hunterbud

Happy July 4th!


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