Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Dreamin’

….And Plannin’

Apparently does get you pretty far!

Remember the other day I was complaining about the hot mess outside? Well, good thing I posted that because the following day, beautiful weather arrived. Yesterday and today have been absolutely gorgeous! Low 80s, sunny, no humidity whatsoever — what’s there to complain about now?? I, of course, will take all responsibility for the weather and will accept gifts. Clothes, shoes, wine, and a 5 star dinner are all good options. Gift cards will also be accepted if you lack creativity 🙂

Last night Alex and I headed to our normal Wednesday gathering. We all sat outside and enjoyed the wonderful, wonderful weather. I celebrated the beautiful summer day with a chilly glass of white wine, while Alex opted for a beer. We split an appetizer and a wrap. Like always — my eyes were bigger than my stomach and left uncomfortably full. We hit the sack pretty early last since Alex hasn’t been sleeping well the last few days. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt pretty lousy. I’m guessing I ate something that didn’t agree with me. All you need to know — it was a rough night (and morning). I’m feeling better now though – and that’s all that counts!

Wedding Update:

Alex will be going over to our wedding venue this afternoon to sign our contract and put our deposit down! Hopefully after this afternoon I can let you all know what the date is for sure! We’ll also be taking an engagement/save the date picture this weekend and get the ball rolling on those! We’ve been looking over so many cute options — it’s hard to chose! Some advice I’ve gotten recently was to make the Save the Dates magnets!

Weekend Plans

Friday after work, Alex and I are braving the holiday weekend traffic and going to WV. I’m looking forward to a long weekend filled with relaxation, cooking, camp fires, and hiking. If only the Hunterbud knew what was in store for him! If he knew we were getting ready to go up to “the farm”  — he wouldn’t stop bugging us still we got there. He’ll get to hang out with his very best friend Blondie (you better bring him MOM!) and go swimming all weekend.

Get excited for some classic WV pictures coming your way. This will be the last time Alex gets to go to WV before he leaves the country for a bit. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something special while we’re there (of course last time we were there we got engaged — so I’m not sure anything would top that!)


This week I finally braved added some mileage onto my normal run. I’ve decided that I will become a runner whether I want to or not! I tackled a four mile run on Tuesday and am feeling great since then! Each week I’ll try to add another mile. Today when I ran my normal three miles, I was pleasantly surprised by how much easier it was just by running longer on Tuesday. I’m pretty excited about that!

If you’re just starting out and trying to “become a runner” — START SLOW! I’ve never considered myself a runner and have always hated it with a passion. It’ll take work — but start with short distances and slow speeds. Alternate short running spurts with brisk walking, and slowly increase the amount you’re running compared to the time you’re walking. Just stick with it!

What are you’re weekend plans? Do you normally have a BBQ for July 4th?

Oh you are?! What a surprise! 🙂

Check out some of these articles on eating smart through summer BBQs:

Eat This Not That

At the risk of being redundant: Summer Picnic version

Buy these!


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