At laaaast…

My loooove has come along.

Enjoy some Etta as you read my ramblings

How’s the weather where you live?

In Maryland the air is so thick you can literally spread it on a piece of toast and dust it with some garlic salt. Well, maybe not literally but you get the point. Yesterday afternoon the mister and I took the Hunterbud for a walk. We had a nice stroll down to a pond about a mile away to hopefully let the pup take a dip and cool off a bit.

Alas, big plans only go so far. Once we got to the pond it was covered in a thick, green slime. Not only could you barely see through the film, but this delicious “water source” also included two fire extinguishers, a shopping cart, and a flock of ducks. There was no way we were letting our pretty and clean (or do I mean pretty clean?) dog hop in that mess.

He wasn’t happy about that.

He whined

and whined.

And tried to go in the water anyway.

By the time we got back to our apartment we were completely drenched in sweat. Who knew that you could get so nasty just from taking a leasurely stroll? Not me. Maybe at some point this summer it won’t feel like you’re swimming in hot pudding when you walk outside to get the mail.

One can only dream.

The dudes

Don't let this picture fool you! Is was not clean!

Gross but pretty?

Work passed super quick today. Isn’t that always such a nice surprise? We just finished eating a burger freshly from our new grill. Yummm Yum were they good! Sometimes it’s nice to throw a little red meat into your diet – just for good measure 🙂

Now we’re off the plan Save the Dates! Any suggestions? If you’re married did you order your invitations/save the dates/announcements or did you make them yourself?

Just to leave you with a smile, check out what I get to wake up to every morning..

Apparently someone got cold in the middle of the night

"What Momma?"

Hey, you gotta have something to get you up and smiling at 5:30 in the morning. What made you smile today??

Happy Tuesday 🙂


6 thoughts on “At laaaast…

  1. The last day of June has turned into a picture and weather perfect beautiful June day. Thanks for Etta, great song. Try to get outside today, you will definitely be smiling!!!

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