Location & Date: Check!

Before I reveal all, my pup is feeling a little left out and wanted me to share a couple pictures with you. (I know the suspense is killing you isn’t it??!)

Hunter and his Momma

And with his Pops!

Hunter gets upset if he doesn’t get attention every so often – so of course I have to oblige!

My brother Chris and his girlfriend, Katey got a new kitten recently. I saw her for the first time this weekend and let me tell you — she’s adorable! Her name is Hope and she’s now 1 pound and 9 ounces. She’s quite the little cutey!

Hey pretty girl!

Curious little kitten

On to the big, big news:

If you’ve been following me lately then I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve been mildly freaking out about finding a wedding location before Alex leaves in three weeks. I’ve been pretty pessimistic and thought it was impossible to find the perfect place in such a short amount of time. We’ve been to six locations and we’ve finally picked a place!

We went to the location twice yesterday and scheduled a tour around the facilities. As soon as we got to the location, we were in love. It’s a Bed & Breakfast located in  a small, farm town in Maryland. There’s a few cottages located on it’s 46 acres, but we’ll be married at the main house. It’s a beautiful cross-timber mansion with a outdoor terrace and ceremony site. Alex has been pretty nonchalant about the whole picking-the-location-thing, but I’m pretty confident he’s just as excited as me for this location.

I don’t want to write the date we’ve chosen until after we sign the contract and put our deposit down this week. As of yesterday the date was still available and I’m guessing in the next few days we’ll be able to lock down the date. I just don’t want to publish it and jinx us. I will tell you that it’s in May of 2011. I cannot begin to tell you how much stress this has lifted! It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we’re a little bit closer to actually getting hitched!

Take a look at how amazing this place is:

Nice and wooded!

Sooo pretty!

Outside view from the side

Zoomed out

And us a little closer

We’re really excited about getting our date set in stone. They’re drafting a contract right now and we’ll be going in this week to put of deposit down! Save the dates — here we come!!!!


7 thoughts on “Location & Date: Check!

  1. #1, that kitten is ADORABLE! Looks like my friend’s kitty named Moose who is a bundle of energy!
    #2, yay to finding a venue & it is very pretty!! And to May weddings, bc that when I want ours, just a year after yours, haha :P.

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  4. Well since we’re in the neighbourhood and we probably have some time to spent, we might as well join you at the wedding!
    Kidding: we’re planning the trip, but where is the place where is will happen? Probably missed in your FB-diary!

    We’re looking forward to meet you!
    Dennis and Henk

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