What a Busy Weekend!

The weekend started with a trip to Cacao Lane in Historic Ellicott City on Friday night. We met up with a friend from work, Rachel. The place really was just like a treehouse! It was a fun environment and we’re definitely going to go back at some point. It was also a blast hanging out with a good friend from work – outside of work.

Work Buds!

Which of these do not belong?

Saturday was an action packed day! After a quick breakfast, we headed to the grocery for some speed shopping. We got home and immediately jumped back in the car to go to my mom’s house. We had a bridal shower for my cousin Megan later that afternoon and headed to my grandmother’s house on the bay. We had a blast playing games and watching Megan open all her amazing gifts. I’m going to my honest — my mouth was watering and my wheels began spinning. Registering — oh man. That was definitely something I hadn’t thought of yet! Here are some photos 🙂

Hellllo Ladies

Bride to be 🙂

Tuxedo Strawberry

Holy Gifts

Saturday night Alex and I headed to the Greene Turtle and finished the night off with sitting on the porch with neighbors.

We had a nice and refreshing sleep in order to prepare for today. With good reason too! We have big news to share.

Check back in tomorrow to get filled in! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What a Busy Weekend!

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