Everybody’s Working for the Weekend!

Weekend Plans:

The weekend is slowly creeping up! Just a couple more hours of work and I’ll be on my way home 🙂 Tonight I’m thinking of taking the man out to a really cool bar I keep hearing about. It’s in historic Ellicott City, up on a mountain — overlooking the city. I’ve never been there but tons of people at work keep talking about it and I want to check it out! Apparently it’s like a tree house. This is a picture off their website.. It sort of looks like a tree house?? I don’t know – I want to see it for myself!

Where's the tire swing??

Saturday and Sunday will be busy trying to find a wedding location. We’re still going back and forth between what we see for our wedding. This has made the process extremely difficult! Last night while we were debating what’s important for us for the wedding – we realized we only had three weekends left before Alex deploys. With our work schedules (okay, okay my work schedule) we don’t have much time during the week to do much hunting. Next weekend we’ll be in WV for July 4th — and then just one weekend left. Unfortunately I’m not super optimistic that we’ll pick a location and date before he heads out.

Random Find

Today on FitSugar there was a pretty cool post. The post featured a website call HabitForge. The idea behind the site is that it takes the human body 21 days to form a habit. If you do something every day for 21 days — it will become second nature. I’ve heard this numerous time when I was trying to find that motivation to go to the gym. I kept telling myself – “if I go every day for a month – I’ll like it and want to go every day.” Well – I’m living proof that the philosophy works!

Anyways – the site will send you a reminder every day asking if you accomplished your goal. You respond to the message by saying Yes or No. If you say yes — you move on to the next day of 21, if you say no – you start back at the beginning. You can have multiple goals at one time. Some ideas for goals include:

  • Did you take your vitamins today?
  • Did you take a walk at lunch?
  • Did you call your mom? 🙂
  • Did you smoke a cigarette? (You better be doing this to quit!!)
  • Did you say something nice to someone today?

Now your turn to come up with some!

Example on FitSugar

A few recipes that I want to try:

Happy Friday! See you (with weekend pictures soon!! 🙂 )


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