Here’s the dish

I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around everything that’s going on in the US these days. First off – the oil spill. It’s been over two months now and the oil is continuing to gush into the Gulf of Mexico. Not only is it horrifying to think about the destruction it’s causing to the ecosystem in the Gulf currently, but what is going to happen in the long run? How is this going to impact us a year from now? What about 5 years?

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen devastating pictures of birds, fish, and turtles being pulled out of the Gulf covered in oil. I’m not going to post any, because frankly I don’t want to look them up. They’re out there though if you feel like you need to have a good cry. After going to school in Florida for a few years I have lots of friends that have spent their entire life there and I cannot imagine the affect this will have on them. My thoughts are with you all as we struggle through this together.

Here’s where you can keep up to date on the issue. 


There are —

What is going on??

Whenever I get people on the phone that are from far-away lands such as Montana and Washington state — I feel compelled to ask — how’s the weather there this time of year?? Over the last few days the only person that has had good news on the weather front is a lady from South Dakota. She said it’s 75 degrees and sunny. What a lucky duck! I should move to SD — or maybe not.

Where, oh where is the nice weather??

Moving on

Last night I stopped for a quick pedicure with Alex (not my fiancé Alex). We’ve been really trying to see each other more often! It was so nice to spend an evening with her in the middle of the week — a nice little vacation. Her birthday is on Sunday so I hope to see her again soon before her big day! Here was our last outing

Today I switched shifts with someone at work and have been working the first shift of the day. It starts at 6:50 and ends at 3:50. I headed to the gym at lunch and ran a quick 2 miles. I stretched lightening speed and got in some incline crunches. Working out at lunch is anything less than ideal for me. I get back to my desk hot and sweaty and have 10 minutes to cramp in my actual lunch. Some days it’s necessary though and I’m thankful the option is available.

The reason why I switched shifts was to get to my doctor’s appointment this afternoon to take a look at the MRI of my foot. My mom is coming with me just to make sure that all of the information I need is given. For some reason when I’m at the doctors and they explain something to me — I’m not quick enough on my feet to think of all the questions I’ll have the second I get to my car.

Weekend Plans?

In celebration of leaving work before my normal time today — I’d like to take this chance to daydream about the weekend. I have a wedding shower for my cousin Megan. If you remember the females in my family went to her bachelorette party a month or so ago. If you missed it: Here’s a recap.

Random Tidbit

This morning I heard on the radio that Twilight star Robert Pattinson is related to an “actual vampire.” Now I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an actual vampire. Once I got to work I searched it online.. Here’s the story from OK! Magazine… take it for what it’s worth. I took the liberty to check his long lost relative out on Wikipedia… Here’s the scoop!


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