One of those days.

For some reason I was pretty pumped up for today. Whether it’s because I’m wearing a new outfit I just got over the weekend, that it’s Wednesday and we had our weekly bagel breakfast at work, or I’m still running off a post-work out high – I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I was feelin’ it when I got to work today.

That is until I took my first phone call.

80% of my calls today have been people who have been absolutely fuming. With the way the economy is today, it’s completely realistic to say that a lot of people are going through some very difficult financial times. I’m very aware of this and spend a lot of time each day discussing financial options with people to make the heavy burden a little lighter. My level of patience has exponentially grown since I’ve started working here. I’ve had people curse, scream, cry, and hang up on me – but don’t worry, that’s pretty rare. Not today though!

Another thing I’ve learned from this experience is not to take your anger out on people who are not responsible for the problem. For example: someone’s package was not delivered due to the postal service’s mess up. All of the sudden this was my fault and I need to find out why the USPS did not deliver it on time. Hmm. Last time I checked all I do is sit at a desk – on the phone all day – and am not responsible for the USPS. Can you tell it’s been a rough day?

Thanks for letting me get my frustration out!

Let’s move on:

I wanted to give you a random list of things you probably don’t know me.

Here it goes!

  • I’m absolutely terrified of slugs
  • I used to be able to sleep all day – but now I’m definitely a morning person
  • I’m a home body and would rather stay in with friends than go out
  • My dream job as a kid was to be a meteorologist due to my love for storms
  • I’m rarely ever cold
  • I take vitamins every day
  • I have an obsession with Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and constantly put it on
  • I’m not a big fan of driving – Alex is definitely the driver in our relationship
  • If I could quit my job and open a bakery – I would do it in a heart beat
  • My biggest regret is losing touch with friends over the years
  • I hate when people curse
  • And drag their feet
  • You’ll never see me chewing gum – I hate it!

Daily Funnys

My cousin Mindy recently starting working at the same company as me. All of the sudden this thought passed through me head – “hey! we should be emailing all day so I can bug you!” (or something along those lines) Today she sent me a hilarious email (which was very much appreciated considering the morning I had). It’s one of those emails that have cut outs from magazines and newspapers featuring ridiculous headlines. Here are a few of them:

Can you read it?


Hmmm. Okay

Happy Hump Day! I’m getting a pedicure tonight with Alex (girl Alex by the way 🙂 !! I’m excited!)


2 thoughts on “One of those days.

  1. for some reason i read the word “slugs” as “dogs” at first. i was like “you’re RIGHT, i don’t know that!” 🙂 glad your love for dogs lives on. 🙂 (and i agree, slugs are gross.)

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