More baths!


Happy Tuesday. 

At least it’s not Monday, right? 

I’ve been getting a lot of help from friends and family the last few days and am definitely feeling less stressed than I was Sunday evening. I’ve been doing a ton of searching and have found numerous places within our budget! I’ve sent lots of emails and am looking forward to setting up appointments to view the facilities 🙂 

Last night we had quite the relaxing little evening. We did a little grilling, checked out some venues, and watched some TV. We also played with our attention-starved dog and I even took a nice long bath. Before I started working I took baths all the time. I miss them. The pup used to enjoy them as well. Remember this post? Maybe I’ll reinstate them in the near future! 

Work today has been super slow. By slow I do not mean we weren’t busy. On the contraire! We were quite busy — but the day just seemed to drag along. By 10 I thought it was lunch time and by 3 I was ready to pack my bags. Now it’s 5:45 and I have five minutes left. I’m definitely counting down the minutes. Tonight I don’t have big plans — for dinner I’m thinking a spinach salad with left over chicken. 

Maybe a bath? 

Maybe some stretching? 

Probably more wedding planning emails. 

Maybe a glass of wine? 

Definitely some picture posting. 

Have a safe drive home 🙂


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