Keepin’ My Head Up

For some reason I got pretty mopey last night. All day yesterday we drove around the Eastern Shore and took a peak at potential wedding venues. We saw everything from just okay to absolutely beautiful. As I’ve perused the internet I already had a favorite in mind. When we got to that site it definitely did not disappoint.

It was a beautiful location – right on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s also an all inclusive wedding venue which includes the location, all the chairs and linens we would need, an open bar, and the catering. At first we were hesitant about choosing a place that did not allow outside catering but after checking out their menu, we quickly changed our mind.

Everything about the place we loved. We got in the car to head to lunch as giddy as can be. Then we took a closer look at the prices based on the amount of people we were looking to have. Just by calculating the venue rental as well as the price per person based on different months — we came to the conclusion that this place was out of our comfort price-range zone. To be honest, the price was more than we wanted to spend for the whole wedding – much less just the catering and location. I was super bummed.

Alex was so understanding all night and continued to cheer me up. We tried to brainstorm alternative location ideas and re-design the wedding we were picturing in our heads. I have to keep remembering the end result of the wedding — we’ll be married. It shouldn’t matter the location, the time of year, or anything else for that matter — we’ll be married. Hopefully I can try to keep my stress/frustration levels under control as we continue to search. One goal that I do want to keep is to have a location and potential date down before Alex deploys. Wish me luck.

I’ve been chatting with some friends from work that have lots of wedding experiences (either it be their wedding or friends’ weddings) and I’ve been getting a lot of great advice!

Other News:

Tonight we’ll be grilling some left over chicken that’s been marinating for a hot bit. We’ll also be making pro/con lists for having our ceremony & reception at different locations. After last night’s pity party Alex really wants to give me as much support as I need before he heads out. I couldn’t be more thankful for him 🙂 And my family — and my friends — and every one who has been helping me! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Most Mondays we are busy at work and have to work overtime. With that in mind I normally allow myself to sleep a little to prepare myself for a long 8-6 work day. Today I decided I needed to step my game up and lugged myself to the gym at 5 am. Although it wasn’t easy to pop out of bed while it was still dark out – my internal drive won over my lazy, sleepy morning self and I made it to the gym when it opened. After a three mile run – I was popped. I took it easy and had a nice long stretch before I got ready for work.

I’m ready to go home. I’m sluggish and slightly sad (for some unknown reason). Just one of those days — Wah Wah.

Me- but a baby -- and a boy


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