Yesterday was the little man’s first birthday! I cannot believe that the tiny ball of fluff we got last August is already a year old!

The day I picked Hunter up the breeder told me that he was the smallest male of the litter and probably would be a fairly small male golden (probably the average size of a female). That day he was 7 pounds and small enough the crawl under the bed and have enough room to squat and poop (yes – that happened!) Last week he weighed in at 74 pounds and was 11 pounds heavier than the average one year old golden.

We took the HunterBud over to PetSmart and Petco to pick out a birthday toy and treat. He finally picked his new favorite toy – an insanely cute zebra (who has not been named yet).

Here’s some pictures to look back on the year!

Little Hunter running

Going on a walk with my dad!

Just a little Bubba!

All knees and elbows 🙂 — don’t mind the wrong date! All knees and elbows (don't mind the wrong date) :)

Me and Momma on my big day!

It's my birthday and I'll pant if I wanna!

Happy First Birthday Hunter!!

Other news:

Friday I took a sick day from work. I scheduled multiple doctors appointments for the day and knocked ’em all out at once. My last appointment of the day was for my foot. If you remember a couple weeks ago I complained of having a severe foot pain for the last year. Well I finally got off my butt and saw the doc. Apparently I’ve got some kind of condition (sorry I forgot the name haha) that should go away on its own in a month or two at max. After I informed the doc that I’ve had this for longer than I can remember – he got serious. I scheduled an MRI for this morning and another appointment for Thursday afternoon. If the MRI comes back with an inflamed bone on the ball of my foot – then I have to have surgery to get the bone removed.

Wish me luck.

Wedding and weekend updates:

We started getting an idea of a potential guest list. We figured this was the only way to start finding announcements and a venue. Tomorrow we’ll be taking a trip to look at a few places 🙂

This evening we’re hanging with our neighbors. We’ll be making Beer Butt Chicken (recipe to follow)! We also made guacamole and corn on the cob. The margaritas have already been busted out! Yay for a beautiful summer afternoon!

Margs in our respective glasses!


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