Fantastic Links

Bieber fans? Check this out

Male/Female? Look at the link!

If you’re ever going to click on anything check out this dancing baby featured on the Today Show

^ I’ll post the actual video when I’m not at work and can get on YouTube

If you like to watch people fall — you will never laugh as hard as when you watch THIS

(Beware of the invisible curb!)

Other News:

I feel fairly confident to tell you that tonight Alex and I are going to be singing kareoke. Now let me tell — I can sing! My voice is so beautiful mirrors shatter, babies cry, and dogs act like there is a thunderstorm a-comin’. Whenever I have the chance to share the wonderful music from my pipes – you bet your hiney I take full advantage of it.


Basically I want to go because Alex flippin’ loves, loves, loves crack-a-coke-key. And we’re meeting up with one of my friends from high school, Natalie and her boyfriend 🙂

That’s all for now – I’m boring today. But seriously — check those links out!

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