Let’s Get Serious

So we’re engaged. You all know that already, this I realize. Of course we’ve been throwing ideas around for the big day — but we haven’t made any decisions yet! Although we’re not planning to have the wedding until this time next year and technically we have plenty of time – in reality we don’t!

I’ve never disclosed this on my blog, but Alex is in the Army. The reason why I haven’t talked about this before is because being in the military doesn’t define our relationship and to be honest – I didn’t feel comfortable giving too much personal information about other people. It’s my blog and obviously I have no problem spilling my personal business – but it’s not my job or my right to publicly write about others. Considering that one of my pictures from the other day clearly shows an Army uniform I figured — well hey, the cat’s out of the bag.

Anyway — back to wedding chatter. Alex will be deploying in July for 4-5 months. With that in mind – we don’t have a lot of time to plan much before he leaves. I don’t have a big problem taking the responsibility to plan the majority of the wedding without him. There is, however, some things I want/need him to be a part of. These things include picking a location, a date, and even major details like will the wedding and reception be in the same place. I want to know everyone he wants to be at the wedding, so that when he’s gone I can get the invitations out.

After discussing the idea of a destination wedding and judging by the reaction we’ve had from others, we feel having it in Maryland may be the best option. Of course it is our big day, but we definitely don’t want to be stepping on other people’s feet as we make our way to the alter. How can you please everyone? You can’t. Inevitably we are going to pick a date where not everyone can make it. We’ll have music at the reception that not everyone will like. We’ll probably also have food that people won’t eat. But you know what — we’ll have a wonderfully perfect day and we’ll be married — so who cares!

Things that I need to actually do – and stop talking about:

  • Engagement announcements (pictures?)
  • Pick a date
  • Pick a place
  • Contact a planner?
  • Start a guest list

Moving on

This morning I hoped on the treadmill and ran 3 miles. I followed my run up with an ab and arm workout. I’m starting to enjoy my morning runs and rather than feeling dead tired when I’m done – I’m starting to feel more and more invigorated.

Work has been slightly slow the last few days. It still seems like the days have been dragging on and by the time I get home I want to crash. Alex and I have been spending so much lately on eating out that we’re really trying to limit eating other places besides home. Plus – cooking meals is way healthier than ordering restaurant food over and over again. So far this week we haven’t eaten out — but it is only Wednesday. Have you found a balance between spending time with friends out and not overeating and ordering unhealthy menu items? I just can’t figure it out!


What to do? What to do?

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