Health Nut

Last night Alex and I cuddled up to watch the good ol’ American classic Now and Then.  I was shocked to find out that Alex had never seen it before! After some searching online I saw that it was available to watch instantly on Netflix.

Now and Then

 Alex thought it was cute but said that it was “just like every other coming of age movie.” Can you believe that!? Well – he was slightly right, but it reminds me of my childhood nonetheless.

This morning I popped out of bed and sprang to the gym. I ran 2.5 miles followed by 10 minutes on the bike. Since I’ve been working a lot of overtime on Mondays and haven’t been making it — Tuesday mornings at the gym have been fairly rough. I can definitely tell a difference in the amount of energy and motivation I have and it’s been a uncomfortable adjustment. Hopefully I can find a good balance between the two soon!

 Here are some great links for health related articles!

Why am I fitness and health obsessed?

If you’ve read my About Me section you may remember that during my freshman year in college my dad was diagnosed with cancer. After a 16 month battle he passed away in May 2008. After seeing how much my dad suffered while he was sick I vowed to myself I would do everything in my power to stay healthy. I started working out and eating better. After a few months I noticed that I felt different – I felt better. Not only do I have more energy now, I also feel great that I’m helping myself in the long run.

If you’re in the position where you want to get healthy and fit but haven’t found the motivation yet, here’s my advice.

Think long term. Where do you want to be in five years? What about 15, 20, 40 years? Do you want to have kids? Do you want to watch them grow up and be healthy enough to play an active roll in their life? Do you want to retire and have time to relax?

The decisions you make right now steadily impacts how you’ll be living in the future.

Getting healthy isn’t easy. It’s going to require work. Isn’t doing some work now — worth living in the future. Don’t smoke. Eat Well. Exercise when you can. Laugh A Lot. Drink in Moderation. There ya go.

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