Oh Monday How I Wish You Were Saturday

I had an amazing weekend.

Life has been so rushed lately. Throughout the week it seems like I just go from one place to another. My daily schedule looks something like this: wake up, rush to the gym, speed-get ready, bolt to my desk, get off – drive home, drop my stuff off, go out to meet friends/family.. etc. Since we’ve had a lot of engagements lately, we haven’t spent much time at home during the week. With this in mind, by the time I get home I am utterly exhausted.

At Friday morning’s team meeting when asked what I was doing this weekend I replied by saying, “A whole lotta nothing!” Oh how wrong I was. As you saw with Friday’s recap we were out pretty late that evening. Saturday morning we got up fairly early, cleaned the whole apartment, bought a grill, put it together, went to the grocery store, made food, and then finally had a BBQ!

We had a wonderful, wonderful night with friends! In total there were eight of us at the BBQ. We had been having air conditioning issues for about a week now – so we were a little nervous to see how the temperature would unfold.

Apparently the pressure in air unit was way off. We were told that we needed to have the air completely turned off before they could fix it. After a few days of no air and being reassured “we’ll get to it today” – we were unbelievably hot and turned it on. Of course the air conditioning unit completely iced over and when the time came for them to actually fix it — they couldn’t! They turned our heat on in order to melt the ice! Don’t forget we were having a BBQ at our apartment in about 35 minutes from this point. After a small panic attack and setting up numerous fans throughout the apartment, it wasn’t too bad (if 92 degrees inside isn’t too bad in your book). It was fixed in about an hour and we quickly flipped the air on! Hallehejah!

One thing I learned from that experience is to appreciate all the small things like air conditioning that you ignore until they’re gone. Other things I’ll try to really enjoy everyday include hot water (running water nonetheless), convenient appliances (like a fridge, microwave, and oven),  my car, and telephones.

My new best friend!

The BBQ was amazing! We had great food and even better company! Alex got to try out his grill for a first time and absolutely loved it! I’m sure he feels like a real man now (hehe 🙂 )! After we ate (and drank) we played a long, and hilarious game of Apples to Apples! We had such a great time coming up with entertaining matches — we ended up playing through the whole box! We stayed up pretty late and were sad when it came time for everyone to leave. I have a few pictures from the night — but since I’m at work now.. Those will have to wait until tonight — Sorry!

Sunday morning we slept in until 9! It was so nice to lay in bed for extra time and felt rejuvenated when I woke up! We made a yummy sausage breakfast and got ready for the day. We ended up taking HunterBud to a state park on the Chesapeake Bay! There is a section of the beach just for dogs, so Hunter got to swim for awhile! He never wanted to get out of the water! Even after he was finished playing with the other dogs and playing fetch – he just kind of chilled there in the water. He’s such a little water pup! Of course I took a ton of pictures from the day so look for those soon as well! I did get a slight sunburn on my back – I put on sunscreen but obviously missed a few splotches on my back – whoops!














After we dropped the pup off at home we headed to DC to spend the afternoon with Alex’s sister Angelique and her two boys – Austin and Connor. We hung out for a few hours while we chatted and played with the kiddies. And yes — Alex’s wheels are already spinning about continuing the male tradition that’s going in his family at this point. Don’t worry though — I’ve straightened him out and he has been made aware that we’re having a bunch of pink loving girls! (maybe–)

After we got home — we fired up the grill and cooked some left over burgers from our BBQ. We hung around with a few of our neighbors before we called it a night. Since I was sweaty and sandy I also popped into a quick bath. By the time hit the pillow I was already asleep! We have such a full weekend. Each second we were moving around doing something. Normally when I’m as busy as I was this weekend I yearn for more time to relax. This weekend was different though. I spent so much time with family and friends and it was such a gift! Not one thing this weekend was something I felt like I had to do — it was everything I wanted to do and was looking forward to!

Now — it’s back to Monday — erg. After such a wonderful and full weekend a long Monday seems even more painful. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Check back later to see new pictures!



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