Fun with Friends!

Friday night we had a fantastic night! If you remember Alex and I were meeting up with my best friend Alex from growing up and her boyfriend Brendan. We snacked on some deeelish food and had some yummy drinks. We hadn’t seen each other since the big news, so we (of course) has some celebrating to do!

While we thought we were just going to have a nice, quiet(ish) couple-y night — it didn’t end that way at all! My mom, Jo Hutch, Janie, Barb, Doug, and Donna all showed up as well. A band started performing around 9 pm – they sounded really good, but they were super loud so it was tough to talk.

Here are some pictures from the night. Enjoy!

Brendan and Alex

Yay for couples night

Well - sort of a couples night

What a fun night!

Celebratory shot

Mother/Daughter pic 🙂

Alex and I are on our way out to the dog park — then we’re off to DC to meet up with Alex’s sister and nephews. I have some great pictures from last night’s cook out — and I’ll post them in a bit! Have a great Sunday – more from me later!


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