Lunch Date

I had a hot date this afternoon. My wonderful, loving, handsome fiancé drove to my work for lunch 🙂 We had lunch at Red Robin and we both ate a delicious Burschetta Chicken Sandwich. It was so nice to have a mini hour long vacation in the middle of the day! After chatting about our mornings and planning our weekend – it was tough to get the motivation to finish out the remainder of the day.

Yesterday was my brother’s girlfriend, Katey’s birthday. We went out to a delicious meal in a near-by historic town. Alex and I got two dishes and split them both. One was a cheese tortellini and chicken dish while the other was a lobster penne dish. Of course we both thought the lobster dish would blow the tortellini out of the water — but that was not the case! I really wasn’t a fan of the lobster dish — it had really heavy red sauce that completely overpowered any of the flavors. Once again — Alex picked the better dish. (Surprise, surprise) Happy Birthday Katey! (and one of my work buds Rachel!!)

Happy Birthday!

We’re having a super couple-y weekend. Tonight we’re going out to eat/happy hour with one of my best friends from home/growing up Alex (yes there are two very important Alex’s in my life 🙂 ) Alex and I met in middle school when she moved to our school district. We became friends fast and were even on the same dance team in high school. Both of us went to different colleges, but we both ended up transferred to UMD and ended up living across the street from each other in college.  Here’s a recap of one of our other nights! I’m really excited to see Alex and her boyfriend — we always have such a ball laughing and reminiscing of our old inside jokes (Combs 21).

Tomorrow morning we don’t have any big plans  — buuuut tomorrow afternoon we’re having a cook out with Rachel and her boyfriend. Rachel and I met at UMD in our sorority there. We lived together for a year and quickly became inseparable! Now that we’re both out of school and working it’s been hard to schedule a lot of dates. See here and here and here. Anyways – tomorrow we’re having a cook out! You’re all welcome. Bring some food.


My morning workout consisted of a three mile run, arms, and abs. I’ve been incorporating a lot more stretching in my daily routine. I can definitely tell the difference and my muscles haven’t been cramping up or been “tight” when I move around. My run is getting easier every time — which just makes me want to run even more! I’ve never liked running before and surprised that I actually enjoy it now.

Which is weird.

But exciting.


One thought on “Lunch Date

  1. thank ya chica! (also, the cookout picture looks just like these characters I used to bubble paint on my t-shirts when I was 5!)

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