Mr. / Mrs.

I’m a bad, bad person.

Have you ever done anything embarrassing? Something pretty darn embarrassing that is?  First off let me just honest with you, I didn’t fall down the stairs in front of the entire company, I didn’t publicly combust, I wasn’t even talking about someone when they were right behind me. It could be worse – no questions asked. What I did do however, was mildly offensive and a whoops moment for sure.

This morning was pretty slow at work. I had a lot of time between calls aka a lot of time to blog stalk and find new entertaining websites. You would think that when a call finally came in I would be revved up and ready to take the call! Oh, but the contraire. I was distracted and (if being completely honest) upset that my browsing was interrupted. Alas, business does need to take place even when famous bloggers make updates and I’m desperately trying to read them.

(And besides someone has to save the world one angry caller at a time and it might as well be me!)

Anyways. I finally got serious and received a call. Obviously I’m giving account specific information to people and I need to make sure that the person on the account is the same person calling. I verified the person and went ahead with what they were requesting. Now let me inform you that the person’s first name was a unisex name (well – I’ve never met a man by that name but hey it could happen). He/she has a deep voice and I had no doubt it was a man.

(Cue: Drum roll)

Unfortunately it was a female and I proceeded to call him/her/it Mr. Smith through the call — when in fact it was a Mrs. Smith. I didn’t realize till after I got off the phone and felt like doo afterwards. I was surprised though that she never corrected me.

Then I thought more about it.

And dwelled some more.

Then I decided –

She didn’t tell me because let’s face it, I thought she sounded like a man and she was too embarrassed to correct me. I felt bad and still do. But it got me thinking.. would I correct someone if they mistook me for a man over the phone? Maybe not — is that weird? What I would do though, is hang up the phone immediately – run into the closet and hide for the rest of the day. No I’m kidding.


(pictures coming tonight!)

Uh Oh!


4 thoughts on “Mr. / Mrs.

  1. If it never corrected you how do you know that it wasn’t actually a man? I know for a fact that a joeseph I had said female and it was totally a man, no doubt about it.

  2. I finally figured out how to comment!! 🙂 So when I worked at Ale House and took down reservations I used to get their names wrong, even gender when they spoke in a low voice. I know how you feel! Congrats again on getting engaged, I’m going to figure out how to follow you and Emily’s blogs ASAP 🙂

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