Puppy Eyes

HunterBud has to go to the vet today. He’s a sick(ish) little puppy 😦 Yesterday evening Alex and I kept noticing that his right eye was continuously runny and goopy. We figured that he must have some allergies or got something in his eye. Of course we decided we would keep looking at it, but honestly we didn’t think anything of it.

This morning as I rolled out of bed to get to the gym, I took the pup for his morning walk. While we were outside I checked on his eye and was shocked by what I saw. Overnight his eye went from wet and slightly runny to being swollen, red, and gushing a waterfall. I immediately summoned Alex out of bed and we agreed that he needed to go to the vet. Hunter actually looks like he got in a doggie fight and is all beat up. Thankfully Alex is on vacation and was able to get squeezed in this morning.

Figured you didn't want to see a picture of his nasty eye!

Apparently Hunter gained another 7 pounds in one month! He is a biiiiig boy! He now weighs 73.5 lbs — can you believe my 8 lb little man has turned into such a monster! Alex just finished up at the vet and they said he has a scratch on his eye. I’ve had that happen to me before so I know how bad that hurts! They gave Alex some eye drops and hopefully it’ll clear up soon.


Last night Alex and I made a repeat of the Panko Crusted Salmon we made a few weeks ago. The second time was just as good as the first and I definitely think we found a new go-to recipe! The fish is so moist and has such a great flavor! Here’s the recipe again! Out of the few recipes I’ve posted so far — try this one!

Towards the end of the week we have a few dates set up to meet with some old friends! I’m really excited about them and love that I’ve been spending a lot more time with friends lately. A lot of people have gotten back in touch with me through my blog and I cannot tell you how ecstatic that makes me! I never thought that by creating this blog I would get back into touch with people that have made such a difference in my life! 🙂

This morning’s work out was pretty tiring for me! I felt like I was lacking some motivation to keep running and I kept fighting the urge to walk. After I finished my three miles I felt so accomplished and I was really happy I kept fighting that urge rather than just give up and walk. I also squeezed in some abs and arms. Kind of on the same note — I’ve been having a lot of foot pain over the past year. For some reason I’ve never thought it was that big of a deal and never went to the doctors. Now that I wear heals to work most days — it’s been really bothering me. Hopefully I’ll get some time soon to get it checked out!

Ouchy Foot

One thought on “Puppy Eyes

  1. awww hope the pup is okay!!!

    about your foot pain… i used to wear heels ALL the time at my old job & found that rolling a tennis ball around the arch of my foot felt AMAZING and really helped alleviate some of the tension and pain.

    tell that cube mate of yours i said hi! 😉

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