Gold Stars and Sayings

First take a look at these beautiful wedding blogs!

Other wedding news:

  • As you probably noticed from this weekend’s recap — Alex and I didn’t look for potential wedding venues
  • We’re actually toying with the idea of a destination wedding!
  • (The reason for this— Alex’s family and friends all live on the west coast and we’re afraid that if we have the wedding here not many people will make the trip out. BUUUUT if we have the wedding at a warm, vacation spot — more people will be willing to take the trip (and vacation at the same time). Plus who wouldn’t love a mini vacation from my side of the family — right???)


Moving on —

Today and tomorrow I have to work overtime. Bleh. Today’s was tacked on to the beginning of the work day. With this in mind – – I didn’t have enough stamina to wake up before 5 AM, get to the gym, and then work a 8-6 day with a half hour lunch. So unfortunately to keep my sanity in tact — I went ahead and skipped my morning workout. Hopefully I’ll get to put a little something in after work!

‘What If’ Thinking

Are you someone that constantly thinks about situations and agonizes over ‘what if?’ What if I walk in the room and they’re all staring at me? What if I fail that test? What if I get there and someone else has my dress on? What if I lose an arm — will you still love me then? What if I get to the beach and the water is gone?

‘What if’ thinking doesn’t have to be bad! Rather than thinking “what if I get tired and give up trying to run 3 miles” say to yourself instead — “what if it’s not as hard as I think” or “what if I really like it?” Now being the Queen Bee of worrying — I realize this is much easier said (or typed) than actually done. But — why not try it? Give me one good reason, I dare ya!

Gold Star for Me!!

Way to go!

I got a costumer compliment today! A 70 year old man with Alzheimer’s said I made his day! He also told me that I was the most enjoyable woman he’s met besides his wife! 🙂 Let me tell you what — that totally made me smile and in turn — made my day! Yay to one hour comp time!

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