After work on Friday Alex and I headed to Greene Turtle to get some grub and a post-work week cold one. When we got back to the apartment our upstairs and downstairs neighbors were having a cook-out out back. Naturally we had to stop by and crash the party. The two couples were playing wiffleball, that is until we showed up. Rather than good-ol’ fashioned plastic-ball-to-ball-connection followed by someone running to get the ball — the game was now “chase the dog to retrieve the ball.”

Later in the evening we made our way to our normal Wednesday night waterhole. We met up with one of my best friends from high school Cassie. The evening quickly turned to midnight as we joked and reminisced (which was easy to do considering half of our high school also decided to stop by). Here’s a throwback.

We're super cool

Saturday morning our pup allowed us to sleep in till 8:30. After running out to Panera to get a fresh loaf of french bread we a delicious breakfast of Texas toast style french toast — and oooh, man was it good!

and turkey bacon of course!

It was a beautiful morning, so we headed outdoors and took the HunterBud for a nice long walk. Here are some shots from our adventures..

Digging in the sandbox

Oh hello!


Then we were off to some graduation parties! First up was a long time friend from high school and then through UMD — Beth! She graduated this semester from Maryland (Congrats again!) After stopping by Beth’s we headed to party number two. Family friends Steve and Cindy’s oldest graduated from Wake Forrest and youngest graduated from high school. We had such a great time hanging! Most of my mom’s friends hadn’t seen Alex and I since our big day — so we got to tell our amazing story over and over again! Here are some photos from the evening:

Lucy hanging with the boys 🙂

Donna and Dots

Cheesing it up

My two moms!

Cindy and Gerri

Today has been way less exciting then yesterday. We’ve done a lot of sitting outside, grocery shopping, laundry, and washing (vehicles and dog!). We had some pulled BBQ chicken for dinner and a big bowl of fruit for dessert!

Happy Sunday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Reunions

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  2. Love the pics! So glad you guys could make it up and hope that when our new puppy learns some manners he can come and play with your puppy! Great to see you.

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