And the Planning Begins!

I bet Alex is changing his mind about asking me to marry him after he sees how annoying I’m going to get 🙂 No — I’m only kidding (or maybe). Seriously though I am so, so excited that I cannot wait to get the ball rolling!

But where do I start?

Since I am a female, I clearly have spent many idle moments daydreaming about my future wedding. Having ideas about what the wedding is great, but where do you start? Um. I don’t know. Hence why I bought wedding planning books (and because I’m slightly nuts and super excited)! Apparently the first thing to do is come up with a list of priorities (makes sense). Over the last few evenings Alex and I have been discussing  (to name a few):

  • Do we want the ceremony and reception at the same location?
  • Do we want a full wedding party?
  • Do we want a small or large wedding?
  • What about some alone time between the events?
  • Or how about a photographer, videographer, personalized napkins, favors…
  • And on…. and on….. and on.

(This is really random but — I just googled “overwhelmed bride” to find a good picture to put after my loooong list of things to consider and this came up! It has nothing to do with weddings whatsoever, but if you’re a fan of Lost then you’ll think this is funny!)

Poor Jack

Anyways back to the important talk 🙂

Let me also tell you that it still doesn’t feel real. I mean yes, I wear a huge, beautiful ring all day — but every morning when I wake up I scramble to check to see if it’s still there or if I was dreaming the whole thing. I’M NOT THOUGH!! Randomly Alex and I send each other emails throughout the day that say “In case you forgot — WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” And then I have a mini-freak out at work. You know — no big deal.

I’m in love with TheKnot, and have been searching for venues and theme ideas.

Best Site 🙂

Nothing is set in stone yet — or set in jello for that matter, rather a cloud of ideas or a puddle, or a glass of milk.

Need more of these!

Other news:

  • Hunter’s 1 year birthday is coming 🙂
  • I finally got a locker at the gym!! Since the gym at work is only open on the week days — the rule is you have to go to the gym at least 16 times in one month to get a locker.  It’ll be nice to be able to leave all my shower stuff in my locker and not lug it home every day!
  • In case you didn’t know — Alex and I are going to get married! KSHLADHKLAS!!!
  • Maybe we’ll check out some potential venues this weekend??
  • It’s already Wednesday! Gotta love a short work week!
  • 21 Ways to Make Fitness Fun!

More from me later!!! Happy Hump Day 🙂


2 thoughts on “And the Planning Begins!

  1. Congratulations on the engagement!! I read the entry right after you posted it and wanted to comment but I was on my iphone and it was being retarded. That’s so cute 🙂 I love that you got pictures right before you got proposed to, I can only hope I’m that lucky!

    My favorite site for wedding stuff (since I love all things southern 😉 )

    They have some cute stuff and photographers for most of the southern states 🙂

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