It’s Only 10 And We’ve Done This…

At the very last minute Alex and I decided, what the heck let’s go to WV on Friday night. We had been debating it for days and had 90% decided, okay, okay we’ll just go up Saturday to miss the traffic. After I got home from work we piddled our thumbs for about 20 minutes and wondered, “what in the world are we going to do tonight?” So in about 15 minutes flat we packed up our bags, rounded up the pup, and jumped in the truck.

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again!

 We still got up here fairly late, but all in all we were happy we made the trip. After an hour of hanging, we headed to bed. The whole house was up early in time for a nice cup of coffee and a long sit  on the porch to watch the foggy, brisk morning turn into a beautiful warm afternoon. We also had a  yummy breakfast including a ginormous fruit salad and egg casserole.


After some digestion took place — off on our hike we went! We enjoyed the wildlife and had a good laugh watching the pups swim.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Foggy morning

Nasty Muddy Rainwater

Our trek was long and mainly uphill — but was definitely worth it! At the top of the mountain we found a brave turtle (and the boys tried to torture it)

Annnd up we go!

Turtle, turtle

And then the dog tried to eat him…

Bad HunterBud!

Apparently I smelled because no one wanted to walk with me 😦

Chillin' allll by myself

Except for the dog — he didn’t mind the smell

(because let's face it -- he smelled too)

It’s not all fun and games though, we also did a some work (not me, but still)

Clearing out the drain pipe

This walkin' ain't no joke!

Afternoon plans include:

  • A trip in town to the local and ever-classy WalMart
  • Making lots of Memorial Day Weekend snacks
  • Having a super-sweet bonfire
  • Afternoon drinks
  • Maybe even squeezing in a shower 🙂

See ya later!!


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