Overnight Chatter

Before I go into my embarrassing story, let me first start off by telling you this:

Every day at work I sit on the phone. I know I’ve told you this before, but I would like to reaaally stress the point. Normally I just talk to people about the different investments they’re in, how the stock market is doing, information about taking out a loan… etc. On the rare occasion (about 50 times per day) people are simply locked out of their online accounts or forgot their password. Soooo — I spend probably an hour every day giving out temporary passwords and guiding retirees through the new age internet era.

WITH THAT IN MIND —- listen/read what happened in the middle of the night:

Alex and I were sleeping (aka it was the middle of the night). From time to time I have been known to chat while catching my Z’s. Last night was no exception. Here was the exchange that took place:

  • Me (in a dead sleep, waking Alex up): “So you’d like to get on your online account?”
  • Alex (in shock, thinking I was awake saying this): “No, what are you talking about?”
  • Me (still sleeping): “You’re trying to reset your password?”
  • Alex (still confused): “No, I don’t have an online account. What are you talking about?”
  • Me (still asleep): “Then why are you calling me?”
  • Alex (realizing I’m asleep…): “Babe – I’m right here- I’m not calling you.”
  • Me —- I finally realize what happened and I laugh for 5 minutes straight and turn away embarrassed.

Obviously I’m turning into a robot. Sweet, thanks.

Have you ever talked in your sleep?

I’m a repeat offender. Other things I’ve said include:

  • Me (to my mom):”Do you know how much it costs to ride the elevator?’ (Mom: No, how much?) Me: A quarter (matter-of-factly).
  • When Alex used to leave before me in the morning I would often still be asleep when he said goodbye. One morning while he kissed me goodbye and said I love you, I responded to his sweet words by saying: “But it’s pouring outside.”

This is totally me!

On to other news: Last night we had a great time at Happy Hour with family and friends. I took a few pictures and will post them later 🙂 We still haven’t decided which day we were going to WV. We’ll either go up Friday night after work and deal with messy traffic oooor we’ll get up Saturday early, early, early and miss traffic. What are your thoughts?? Obviously I can’t make a decision.

This? (but getting up there and having all day Sat.)

 Or This…. (but getting there later on Saturday…..)

Decisions.. Decisions


2 thoughts on “Overnight Chatter

  1. Hopefully if you left after working hours traffic wouldn’t be so bad!! I’d probably do that just to have all day saturday to relax and spend time there 🙂

    and LOL that’s too funny about your sleep talking! My dad used to do that all the time. One time he demanded I get him a pepsi at like 1 in the morning. Another time he swore my best friend and I were walking around the house (when I was in middle school) at like 4 in the morning and was livid the next morning!

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