Happy Birthday Alex!!

Today is the big man’s birthday! Happy Happy Happy Birthday ALEX!!! He’s turning the ripe-young age of 28 today 🙂

This morning I opted out of going to the gym and will hopefully get to spend my lunch hour there. I stayed home and spent some time with the birthday boy. I made a delicious breakfast of strawberry chocolate chip pancakes with eggs. It was definitely a nice change to spend a morning at home! I also gave Alex his presents this morning — he seemed to like everything (if you hear otherwise –> don’t tell me!) Some of the things Alex got today include:

  • Wii arcade shooting game
  • NikeFit (the thing that connects to your ipod and shoe)
  • Gloriana CD
  • A couple Eddie Bauer shirts
  • Under Armour work out shirts
  • Merrell hiking socks

Smelly shoe piece

 Alex already used the Nike Fit thing… he said he really liked it! Who knows I may have to pick one up for myself too!

Best work out shirts!

Tonight we will be joining up with some family friends to enjoy happy hour. My mom had surgery on Monday on her wrist/hand and I haven’t seen her since, so it will definitely be nice to spend some time with her. This weekend we will be enjoying the beautiful, long weekend in West Virginia and I cannot wait!! I can’t wait for Friday afternoon!! (One day at a time, Michelle — one day at a time).

I'll be there sooooon 🙂

Moving on (on to fitness):

Let me tell you something — I’m not a huge running fan. I feel defeated before I even start and typically get bored quickly. Over my fitness lifetime I often have felt out of breath quickly while running and therefore never want to start. Over the past few months I have decided to plunge into the challenge and learn to enjoy running. I have read up on many articles featuring “running for beginners” and have tried to use that advice and actually get excited to run. Now I typically run 15 miles per week and hope to continue upping that number. Check out some of these tips:

101 Tips to Become a Runner

  • Accept the challenge
  • Relax while running
  • Take what you can get
  • Go Steady
  • Have fun on both easy and hard runs
  • Have workouts planned 3 weeks in advance

Be like him/her/it!

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