Picture Perfect Weekend

Friday evening Alex and I relaxed as we grabbed a couple appetizers and cold brews at one of our favorite spots. It was nice to hang out and slow down after a long, busy week. Saturday morning we had a “quick” errand to run. Alex has been trying to get the bed of his truck Rhino Lined for the last two weekends. For some reason they’ve continued to mess up and has resulted in four trips to the shop. As we waited, we took a brief 3 hour walk around the area.

I'm going for a ride, yeah!

 After a beautiful walk, but a frustrating afternoon we finally left and arrived at my mom’s house. The weather went from nasty and cloudy to beautiful, sunny, and warm. We spent the afterrnoon in the sun taking pictures, listening to music, and laughing. Alex helped out my brother’s girlfriend Katy in fixing her breaks. Here’s some pictures from the afternoon.

Pretty Spring Day 🙂

Oh Hey Dragonfly

Hi HunterDog

Pretty Blue Bird

Messed up truck bed

Whatchya looking at?

Getting my rub on

Later in the afternoon my mom and I decided to take a dip in the hot tub. After a few minutes the Hunter Bud got jealous and decided swimming was something he was entitled to as well.

Let me in Momma!!

I'm on my way!

Silly Dog

Swimmin' with my Momma

My mom, Alex, and I spent the evening with JoHutch and her husband Dale at a fun bar watching Sandra Dean (a band my mom loves to follow). We had a great time watching the drunk people make fools of themselves… but hey — we’ve all been there, right? We spent the night at my mom’s and had a delicious breakfast before we headed home to a day filled with cleaning and relaxing.

All in all — I had a magical weekend and I’m really not looking forward to getting up early for work. Oh well… soon it’ll be next weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Weekend

  1. I knew these pics would be awesome! Sorry it took so long to check them out, love hunter!!!

    p.s.- enter my blog contest or die.

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