Thank You Women’s Health

During my morning internet perusing I found an article on Women’s Health Magazine (online). The article shows different work outs that are specifically designed for different body shapes. Obviously not every women (or man for that matter) is built in the same way and it shouldn’t be a surprise that different work outs are more beneficial for you than others. I feel I normally don’t have a problem coming up with work out plans and new exercises — but I always wonder if I’m doing exercises that are really helping me. Here’s the article so you can find what exercises you should be doing to maximize your time in the gym. (BTW – The article also shows eating plans for specific body types)

Here’s the cardio suggested for my body type:

Interval training

Another article I found on WH was one featuring the Best Packaged Foods. Now I feel that there are a ton of articles on the 10 Worst Hamburgers, Worst Frozen Foods, and various other bad foods. So when I saw an article on the best, I felt compelled to check it out! Here are some of the foods that were on the list and I routinely buy:

Do you get any of the list? Check here!

Can you believe these made the list?!



Pictures soon 🙂


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