No Sleep For The Wicked

No I’m just kidding — I get a tooon of sleep (I just like the song).

Anyways! I have a lotta lotta updates for you. Let’s start at the beginning:


May 14th is actually the day my dad passed away. With that in mind, Friday was an overall difficult day to get through. My supervisors were very supportive at work and I definitely had a lot of people to lean on throughout the day. I hope that one day I will be able to get through the day with a little more ease and spend the day joyously remembering rather than mostly being sad. I did spend the majority of the day thinking about the good times over the years, but unfortunately remembering all the happy times also brings tears. I can’t believe two years has passed already. I would have given you all a little more details closer to the actual day — but I was still pretty touchy just thinking about it. I ended up staying in town Friday night since I was so upset.


After packing my stuff into the bug, I headed across the Bay Bridge to join the fam. All the females in my extended family were invited to my cousin Megan’s bachelorette party over the weekend. We rented a house for the weekend — and had an amazing time. It was so nice having a girls weekend and really bonding with every one. I feel as we all have grown we’ve also drifted through the years. This was a perfect way to enjoy each other’s company and have a whole looooootta laughs! We were loud, we were rowdy, and we took a load of pictures. (Since I’m at work right now — I’ll post the pictures when I get home 🙂 )

This is what I did allll weekend


After a looong night at the legendary Starboard, we were hurting in the morning.

Add this to your bucket list!

We did manage to get in a brisk five mile walk (which was a nice way to burn some of those famous family dips) and make a pit stop at the outlets. I headed home around 2 in the afternoon only to hop in the car when I got there. Sunday evening we went to the Sugarland concert! It was awesome!!


If you like country music (or at least don’t hate it) I would definitely recommend checking them out if they stop in your city. We were so entertained all night (part of it was even by just watching the crowd)! The concert didn’t start until around 8 — so we didn’t get home till after 11. By the time I got to sleep Sunday night — I was beat! It was such a long and fun, fun weekend! 

I will be posting pictures from this weekend (along with some of the one-liners from the weekend — or my family will hunt me down) ASAP. I think I’m pretty caught up on sleep so expect them SOON!


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