So — It’s Been A Bit

My job has been going really well. We’ve moved up to the floor and I finally have my own desk. I’ve also been spending a lot of time this past week socializing after work — which is also good! Aaaand I’ve been working out every day aaaand making yummy meals.

With all that in mind — life is grrrreat! But — that also means I haven’t had any time for blogging. Sorry! Not only have I not made a post since last week, but I also haven’t been reading any other blogs. My life feels slightly incomplete, but so full at the same time – strange?!. Let me update you on my life this past week —

We did go out for wonderful margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. Sadly since I’ve been so busy and tired all the time, an hour or two after I drink an alcoholic beverage I’m zonked. A big portion of last week’s evenings involved me sleeping (and snoring) on the couch. Luckily I have a pretty decent boyfriend who doesn’t draw obscene Sharpie designs on my face. So, as you can tell — I wasn’t very riveting last week.


This weekend — hmm.. what did I do.. what did I do?? Saturday morning Alex and I went on Post to change the man’s oil in his truck. For some reason it was way busy all morning and we ending up being there much of the day. We also enjoyed a nice lunch with a cold brew before stopping by the mall. Apparently it’s Christmastime — it was packed and definitely a bad idea.


Sunday was MOTHER’S DAY. We headed to my grandmother’s house on the bay and enjoyed a beautiful day filled with family and yummy food. I do have a bunch of pictures from Sunday and will try to post them when I get home.

This weekend — I’m heading to the beach with the females in my family for my cousin’s bachorlette party. I’m definitely pumped for it! Also on Sunday night, a group of us will be going to see Sugarland in concert. It will definitely be a busy weekend, but hopefully I’ll still get some time to relax!


Workouts have gone up and down over the past week. I’ve started getting a little bored with my workouts and felt less motivated to actually get to the gym in the morning. I was feeling a little disheartened by it — but thankfully life changed once again.


At work we finished training and moved to the floor (which I already said). I also started working a different shift (from 9-6 rather than 8-5). With the extra hour to sleep pre-workout — I had so much more energy this morning! I had such a great workout today and I’m really excited about the new change.

More from me LATER!


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